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7 Top Travel Security Tips by Expert Professionals

Travelling is one of the most common hobbies of people around the world. People travel to see the wonders and beauty of the world which are not present in their hometown. Traveling in one’s own country is cheap and easy. In order to travel abroad, a lot of money and research is required. The research has to be done about the travel risk assessment for the new place along with the sights to visit and the overall culture of the area.

While traveling is fun, a lot of homework is required in order to be secure on the trip as well. Some of the top travel security tips as shortlisted by experts in the field are listed below:

1.                  Research About Travelling Place

The first and the most important security tip while traveling is the research. Research can easily be done at various foreign-based websites present online. These websites provide valuable bits of information such as main factors to be aware of, cultural values of an average professional as well as the best options to avail throughout that particular area. Other than the website, one can easily search for the culture, mindset and the living standards of the natives of that place. Through this knowledge, it is easy to prepare beforehand and do efficient homework.

2.                  Keeping Copies of All the Important Documents

Another very important tip given by a number of travel security advisories is the carrying of important documents. Copies of the important documents such as the Passport, ID Card, Driver’s License, itinerary as well as important phone numbers should all be kept in a long wallet. These documents should be a backup and should not be exposed to normal conditions. It is important not to reveal the identity and stay discreet.

3.                  Writing Up an Emergency Plan

In case of emergency, a backup plan should be kept. This plan should include the top two or three phone numbers that can be called in case of an emergency. The residing hotel should also have a copy of these important numbers. The hotel should know about the location in every instance. This can be done through the internet where live location can easily be shared. In case of emergency, a direct call can be sent to the hotel for safety.

4.                  Keeping Friends and Family Updated

In order to ensure better travel security, it is advised to travel in groups. But in the case of traveling alone, prior to leaving, family and friends should be periodically updated. They should know the itinerary and the complete plan. It is also advisable to stay connected online so that it is easy to contact at all times.

5.                  Staying Cautious of the Surroundings

Even with efficient steps, it is easier for people to opt for the odd one out. It is also important to stay 100% sober and active while traveling. In order to tackle communication barriers, Google Translate along with a diary with simple translations should be kept. Staying low-key is extremely important. The traveling person should make sure that he/she is dressed according to the average clothing of that particular place. Cultural and behavioral values should also be kept in mind.

6.                  Proper Money Management

Loose cash and wallet should be kept in the front pocket. It is advisable not to carry too much cash in the pocket. If there is no other option then the cash should be kept in a secret spot. Some money should be kept in an easily accessible place. In case of ATM usage, ordinary tricks such as hiding while entering the PIN, locking the door, keeping the card and the money safe as soon as possible need to be done.

7.                  Safe Hotel Selection

The hotel should be selected prior to going on the trip. Advice from a friend who has visited that particular place can be done. It is also easy to do an online survey and look at what the common opinions are. Moreover, a hotel should be selected with a safe and appropriate location that is also closer to the planned traveling locations within the city.

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