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How Do Executive Protection Officers Protect Their Clients?

The world has become a dangerous place to live in. Almost every day, there is a story in the news about a robbery or any other illicit activity. With all the protection in the world, there still are desperate people aiming to break the law and get quick-fix benefits. These people are in search of opportunities and grasp as soon as they see one. In order to stay safe, one has to take measures themselves.


We live in a world of threat where life is not valued much. There have been instances in the past where people have lost lives over extremely petty issues. It was all because of the other person losing his/her cool and doing something he then regretted his whole life. It is the same as the old quotation “we are not our habits”. This means that a person cannot be characterized based upon his/her actions. We can always change our habits but it is a step-by-step process and takes time. On the other hand, it's easier to maintain the previous habits and not being able to improve the quality of life.


People are threatened every day over minor issues. A person who maintains honest habits and speaks truth makes enemies on a regular basis. In intense and high-risk environments where speaking the truth is important, people can lose their temper and plan for something insensible. This may lead to trouble for the honest man.


Finding identity on the internet has also become very easy these days. Information on business owners and other important people is easily accessible on the internet. A protestor, a paparazzi or a thief could easily find valuable information about his prospects.

The Need for Executive Protection:

Due to these reasons, the need for executive protection has immensely increased for important personnel. The definition of an executive protection officer can sometimes be misleading. It gives the meaning of a bodyguard, which is true but not completely accurate. The job of a bodyguard is to protect their clients from external forces including intruders and more commonly, press in case of an important and influential client. Executive protection is somewhat different than this concept.

An executive protection officer provides extraordinary service to their clients. He/she not only provides bodyguarding services but also has to work as a personal assistant making life easier for their clients. It means that these officers have to pre-plan and be prepared for quick decision making in order to get the job done. Moreover, an executive protection officer has to maintain an elite quality standard as well. Executive protection officers are extremely skilled, educated and have good communication skills. To ensure professionalism and loyalty to their job, they have to entertain all the needs of their clients.

Following are some of the major ways through which executive protective services are given to their clients:

1. Threat and Risk Assessment

Executive Protection Officers have the whole schedule of their clients in hand. They plan for a commute and all its homework beforehand. They have to strategize the best possible route, secure appointments and check the car as well as the driver. In some cases, they themselves are the driver and have to do everything themselves.

2. Arrangement of Secure Transportation

Depending on the availability of resources and the importance of the client, the best suited transport has to be arranged. This is done either by using and modifying the personal car of their client or by renting a car through an outsourced company. It can also be done through the executive protection company.

3. Unarmed Protection

Many places have a law that revokes the use of guns and other weapons. In order to give security in such places, close protection services have to be offered to their clients. This means that the executive officer has to be like the secret service agents that know-it-all. They should know the proper handling of a person through the aid of techniques like wrestling, mixed martial arts or jiu-jitsu. These techniques are important in situations where stealth is required instead of weapons. In the case of a popular public figure as a client, the executive protection officer has to ensure a comfortable environment for their clients. This is done by making a shield over their client and push paparazzi away.

4. Pre-planning

The job of an executive protection officer can be extremely tough. They are working as an assistant for their client. In order to ensure the best service, they have to improvise and do all kinds of chores as well. They evaluate the schedule of their client, pre-plan and coordinate with other personnel such as their drivers, etc. The coordination is about multiple items such as the route for the commute, use of which car as well as additional types of precautionary measures. If the client is an important figure and has threats, they have to think and come up with more secure ideas. For instance, if their client has to be in a public gathering or has to visit abroad, they will make their client wear bulletproof vests and take other measures as well.

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