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How To Stay In Shape While Working As A Newly Hired Security Guard?

Job in the security sector does not need any formal education. However, it still doesn’t mean that you can fit in the role comfortably. Similar to all the other jobs, you need to be trained and prepared 247 for the potential danger. This is only possible if you are fit and healthy.


When we look at security guards, we just assume them to be sitting free and idle at all times. However, we are not aware of the high-stress occasions they have to go through when things get sketchy. For example, chasing a shoplifter or catching a thug, etc are the occasions that require physical strength. This means that you need to stay vigilant as there is no room for lazing around and dozing off at work. Danger can come at any time.


However, to be able to fulfill the security guard job description, you need to maintain your health regularly. Different research studies suggest strain in joints and muscles caused by standing on one foot for prolonged periods. Pain in all the other regions such as the neck, lower back, hip and knee joints can also occur. The million-dollar question is how to stay healthy while working as a security guard?


There is no standard health or fitness test which you need to pass in order to become eligible for the position of a security guard at different companies. However, no company would be interested in hiring a security guard if you are unable to fulfill the basic security guard test. Whether you have to report to authorities about some terrorist activity or check a suspected shoplifter from leaving the shop, you still need your body to be in good shape.

Must Meet the Physical Requirements

You are taking care of defense. This means you need to protect both people and the property you are guarding. A faulty level of physical fitness can land everyone in trouble around you. This would make you a liability for any security company instead of becoming its asset. To safely avoid such situations, here are some tips to keep in mind:



Stretching helps to smooth blood flow. It increases flexibility and muscles which reduces the risk of injuries. This also enhances muscle endurance.

Muscle Training

Muscle training is key to strong muscles. The stronger the muscles, the healthier the joints. Whether you practice weight lifting or bodyweight training, both promote muscle growth.



Keeping yourself hydrated is important. Hydration is an important part of basic health and fitness level. Every individual needs to drink about 3 liters of water on a daily basis.



A balanced diet is important to your health. It keeps your body and muscles in shape which you need during a high-stress situation.

To stay fit, you need to engage in isometric and bodyweight exercises. Some examples include:

  • Push-ups: helps to strengthen upper body
  • Planks: strengthens upper body muscles and joints
  • Wall Sit: good for leg muscles
  • Hip Raises: Strengthens muscle chain and lower hamstring region

You can hire a trainer who will train you regularly, or watch health and exercise tutorials on youtube to exercise on your own. Many people who work as security guards or personnel have a fixed routine which includes regular exercise and walks to maintain health and fitness levels.


As a security guard, you are required to fulfill your duty and that can only be done if you are healthy. The security jobs may sound simple but still requires an individual to be in proper shape. Only then you will be able to protect the people and property you have been hired to do so!

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